An exceptional creation

It is early morning. Day is dawning, nature is bathed in the glow of sunrise. A woman of incomparable, shimmering beauty is struck by the first rays of light. Gracefully, she rises and moves towards the light.

Clasped in her hand is a glimmering make-up jewel, which she holds like a treasure. The bottle appears as a column of pure light, and the crystal that crowns it becomes the source of burgeoning, luminous sensation.

Symbolizing the awakening senses, continually emerging beauty and timeless femininity, the film “Aura by Swarovski” is unforgettable, because it strikes a deep emotional chord.

In all cultures, sunrise bears a message of great hope: each day, life is reborn, and anything becomes possible. In the background, mountains evoke Swarovski’s roots in the Tyrol.

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